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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT! Awards!   Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:31 am

New Awards have come to the Shapeshifters Forum! Smile
They will be veiwable under your picture if you win one.

This is the Writing Contest Award. If you win a writing contest in the Contest forum, you win this award. (Congrats to our first W.C. winner, Dreyden. Smile)

This is the Art Contest Award. If you win an art contest in the Contest Forum, you win this award.

This is a the Best Moderator Award. As you can see, only Mods can win this, but this is for very very special occasions and is appointed by the main Admin himself. Smile

And last but not least is the Best Administrator Award. Mods and Members can secretly get together and vote on who is the best Administrator of the forum and tell another Admin (not the one you are electing) who and that Admin will post it in the other Admin's profile.

Seems simple enough, right? Very Happy

The Best Mod and Best Admin Awards will change every now and then, so don't be shocked if they have the award one day and it's gone the next. It's called the best. lol!

Anyways. Have fun. Oh, and more awards will be added as the forum gets bigger.

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